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A Winter’s Spring French Drain Install on Appalachian Trail

About 1 miler north of US-40 on the AT is a wet, swampy area that is fed by a winter spring. From May until November this section is completely dry. During the wnter months it can become very wet with running water all over. So we hauled in about 20 bags of crushed stone. Yes, 40# bags of crushed stone carried in on our backs! Plus ten 10′ sections of corrugated drain pipe which we had sleeved over with protective webbing, and non-woven fabric to line the trench with. Over a period of 3 days we dug in 100′ of trench, lined with the non-woven fabric, laid in stone, crushed more local stones we gathered, then topped over with more non-woven fabric, finally covering with earth so you cannot detect our handiwork.

  • Some corrugated drain pipe for French Drain
    Some corrugated drain pipe for French Drain at winter spring site north side of Pine Knob - Maryland Appalachian Trail - (Annapolis Rock)