Month: April 2021

Water Bar and Check Dams lower end of Pine Knob – April 2021

A few of us spent 2 days in the middle of the deep sunken section cutting 2 water bars through the 3′ – 4′ high bank there and lining with stones. Plus we installed check dams above to slow the flow of the water. The three people in the picture of us moving a rock are part of a family from Utah that was hiking the Maryland AT section and jumped in to help us.

  • Check Dam Installation
    Check Dam Installation on Maryland AT at lower end of Pine Knob

Early Spring 2021 – Controlling width of the AT to US-40 Parking Area Access Trail

Spring work at the US-40 Trailhead/Parking to Appalachian Trail. The trail was widening here. We added crushed to to trail first to keep from getting soggy and then constrained width with a line of stones. About 60 person hours volunteer work.

  • Adding stones along Access Trail to constrain width
    Stones lining the Access Trail to prevent trail widening