At the Dogleg left to Annapolis Rock

The last sunken section of the AT on the way north to Annapolis Rock received some attention in early September 2021. We installed 3 stone water bars here to direct water off the Appalachian Trail, placing a check dam directly below each water bar. We have also installed 2 other check dams and have reinforced an existing log dam and log water bar. There is more work needed so we’ll install a few more stone check dams in to slow the flow of water down the slope.

  • 1st stone water bar and check dam below - 2 miles n US40 - Maryland Appalachian Trail
    1st stone water bar and check dam below - 2 miles n US40 - Maryland Appalachian Trail

North Slope of Pine Knob Improvements – Md Appalachian Trail

While over the last few years the South Mountaineers have done much work on the lower slope of the north side of pine knob, we had done only limited work on the upper stretch. So we started at the top and added 2 stone water bars, and 8 stone check dams to slow the erosion here.

  • Moving stone for erosion control - Md Appalachian Trail
    Moving stone for erosion control - Md Appalachian Trail

Top of Pine Knob – July to August

After summitting Pine Knob the South Mountaineers continued working north on top of Pine Knob improving the trail. We removed large exposed rocks from center of trail that were causing hikers to walk toward outer edges and either crushed them or used as stones for dams. We installed stone check dams, and water bars.

  • Top of Pine Knob - Exposed Stones causing trail widening as hikers avoid walking on raised stones - Maryland Appalachian Trail
    Top of Pine Knob - Exposed Stones causing trail widening as hikers avoid walking on raised stones (most were removed over 1/4 mile long section) - Maryland Appalachian Trail

The South Side – May to July 2021

The south side of Pine Knob is a very steep highly eroded section of the Maryland Appalachian Trail. The Maryland South Mountaineers Trail Crew spent more than 3 months working our way up this slope adding water bars and check dams. We added on to work we had done over the previous 5 years. At first we added log dams but as we went up plenty of stone was available so we switched to stone about mid-point.

  • National Trails Day at Pine Knob
    Tread work at Pine Knob - installing check dams - National Trails Day 2021

Pine Knob Shelter Spring Trail Update

In June 2021, the South Mountaineers spent 3 days updating the Pine Knob Shelter Spring Trail. With the additional number of visitors the Appalachian Trail has received in 2020 and 2021 the trail was becoming muddy. We installed drainage pipes, laid in some large stepping stones, and filled the area around with stone we crushed on site.

  • Pine Knob Shelter
    Pine Knob Shelter - Maryland AT

A Winter’s Spring French Drain Install on Appalachian Trail

About 1 miler north of US-40 on the AT is a wet, swampy area that is fed by a winter spring. From May until November this section is completely dry. During the wnter months it can become very wet with running water all over. So we hauled in about 20 bags of crushed stone. Yes, 40# bags of crushed stone carried in on our backs! Plus ten 10′ sections of corrugated drain pipe which we had sleeved over with protective webbing, and non-woven fabric to line the trench with. Over a period of 3 days we dug in 100′ of trench, lined with the non-woven fabric, laid in stone, crushed more local stones we gathered, then topped over with more non-woven fabric, finally covering with earth so you cannot detect our handiwork.

  • Some corrugated drain pipe for French Drain
    Some corrugated drain pipe for French Drain at winter spring site north side of Pine Knob - Maryland Appalachian Trail - (Annapolis Rock)

Water Bar and Check Dams lower end of Pine Knob – April 2021

A few of us spent 2 days in the middle of the deep sunken section cutting 2 water bars through the 3′ – 4′ high bank there and lining with stones. Plus we installed check dams above to slow the flow of the water. The three people in the picture of us moving a rock are part of a family from Utah that was hiking the Maryland AT section and jumped in to help us.

  • Check Dam Installation
    Check Dam Installation on Maryland AT at lower end of Pine Knob

Early Spring 2021 – Controlling width of the AT to US-40 Parking Area Access Trail

Spring work at the US-40 Trailhead/Parking to Appalachian Trail. The trail was widening here. We added crushed to to trail first to keep from getting soggy and then constrained width with a line of stones. About 60 person hours volunteer work.

  • Adding stones along Access Trail to constrain width
    Stones lining the Access Trail to prevent trail widening